Bindery and Finishing


Booklet Making

The Print Haus are experts in creating booklets of all shapes and sizes. We can print, cut, fold, and staple your booklet to meet your expectations! Whether you have just a few booklets or a thousand, we can help with all of your booklet making needs. We serve all of the WNC areas including Waynesville, Asheville, Sylva, and Cullowhee. We offer the latest technology to keep you looking sharp and our competitive prices keep you in the black.

Cutting & Die Cutting

Here at The Print Haus, we offer cutting and die cutting. Die Cutting is a process of cutting through a layer of the laminate so it can be used on labels, stamps, stickers, business cards, door hangers, brochures, postcards, and presentation folders. There is a large variety of die cutting you can choose from. We can also make it customized and professional. Die cutting is a good way to add eye-catching images to all of your paper advertisements.


Here at The Print Haus, we also offer paper drilling. Drilling holes for your sheets of paper, notebooks, calendars, anything that you feel needs to have holes we can get it done. We have powerful hydraulic paper drilling machines that have a variety different sizes for paper drills and it helps us to position the hole just about anywhere on the sheet of paper. Just allow 1/2 an inch of extra margin for three-hole drilling along the side of your paper.


We have many different options for folding your printed projects. We have a variety of folding formats that you can choose from. Here are a few examples of folding we can provide. Letter Fold, Double Parallel fold, Gate fold, Roll fold, Single fold, Accordion Z-folder Z fold, and French fold. If there is anything that we don’t have in special folding, just ask one of our awesome employees and they will do their best to help get the job done.


If you have anything that needs to be laminated, The Print Haus can also help with that. Weather it be for Restaurant menus. business cards, brochures and many more items. We can do that all here. Bring it in to us and we will get it done.

Stitching / Stapling

We can also offer you Stapling and Stitching. It is one of the most effective methods of binding used today. Not only can we do stapling loose sheets together through the front of the page, but we can also do saddle-stitch which is stapling through the spine of calendars, newsletters, catalogs, and anything with multiple pages. Saddle stitching is a durable and nice binding option we have. The amount of pages we can saddle stitch just varies depending on the stock of the paper that we use. We make sure the job is clean, creative, and professional every time.


We can help you with page numbering before your print projects are printed off. Numbering is an inexpensive and effective way to maintain accurate records and to help improve organization. We can number a variety of pages and sheets of paper. you choose how you want us to do it and we will get the job done.


Perforation makes it easier to fold a piece of paper or tear off a check from your pay stub. These are just a few examples. If you need anything printed and need to add any perforation lines on something to make it easy to tear off or fold we can do that. We have many different layout forms that you can choose from. Here at The Print Haus, we make it easier for our customers. Let us know what you need and how you would like it to be and we will do exactly that.


The Print Haus has a machine to help you for Scoring your heavy weight papers. Such as card stock and so on. Scoring is the process of making a crease in the paper to make it easier to fold. A paper score is a ridge that is put in the paper where the fold line is intended to fold.

Usually, we do scoring when we are folding heavyweight paper. We offer a variety of scoring. Offline scoring, Inline scoring, Perpendicular scoring, and Parallel scoring. Please feel free to ask us to help you do this. It’s what we are experts at.