Graphic Design

We design and layout a variety of work. From business cards to menus, banners, signs, and anything that has to be printed. We make sure that anything that we print is part of our high standards of design and layout. The design and layout are met to our customer’s specifications. We make it look creative, professional, and fun.

Typesetting and Layout

Here at the Print Haus before we do any printing we always make sure that the typesetting and layout are perfect, custom and professional, along with the design. We are always double checking and proofreading everything. Typesetting and layout ensures that your print project is always correct and perfectly prepared for printing.

Whether it be for magazines, signs, banners, business cards, books, annual reports, any print product needs to be laid out and typeset to suit the requirements of the product. That’s what we are experts at. We are sure to get the job done along with making all your print products look custom, clean, smart and professional.